Data Recovery Testimonials

If you try our data storage and recovery service for yourself, we think you'll be impressed by the security and peace of mind that our data recovery software gives you.

But don't just take our word for it. Read what some of our clients have to say about SeQureData's online data recovery service.

Pay Day Money

“We have been backing up our data online with SeQureData since June 2008. We never new how much we would need it, but after being infected by a virus one day in October we had to wipe our computer's hard drive. Panic set in briefly until we contacted SeQureData who talked us through retrieving all our data. Our system is automatically backed up daily through their company.

“The service received was absolutely outstanding. The system is truly the best we have ever used, a true guardian angel. You have saved us days of manpower, thanks again to you all.”

Luis Labaton
Pay Day Money

Marontech Communications

“I learned the hard way that online backup is absolutely critical. Before I used SeQureData I lost all my data files, with no remedy at all, following a lightning strike. SeQureData offers a simple and sensible way to maintain your file integrity and business intelligence.”

Mark Broughton
Marontech Communications

Chevron Publishing

“In this day and age you can never be too careful. Our clients expect timely delivery and the margin available to us in the instance of a crash or data loss is minimal. We have had problems in the past with data loss and recovery and in exploring the option of online backup, I found the SeQureData service to be fast, friendly and convenient with helpful and practical advice offered by people who had empathy with our requirements. It's a cost-effective way to enjoy peace of mind.”

Robert Forsyth
Chevron Publishing

Swimtime UK Ltd

“I often wondered what would happen if someone were to break in to my office and steal my computer. Or even worse, if there was a fire in the office!

“In spite of the fact that I have the most sophisticated computer with the ability to back up files on to a disk, I admit that 'backing up' was always the job that never got done! Like so many others in business, we are so busy doing our jobs that we simply forget.

“I am only prepared to admit this failing now that I have found the most simple and easy to use solution to the problem. Yes, like many other things I leave it to someone else to remember! A friend told me about a company called SeQureData. 'Why not back up to a remote location' he said. 'And best of all it will happen every day without you having to remember.'

“I had a look at their site and called them for more information. Richard Price from SeQureData talked me through the set up process and I was hooked immediately.

“I recommend that you sign up too. It really will give you enormous peace of mind.”

BM Price
Swimtime UK Ltd - Teaching Swimming in over 250 pools across UK & Ireland

Westmeria Ltd

“I was concerned about losing my email files so contacted Sequre to set up a backup system for my PC. I was advised to backup our server rather than just my desktop and after a few trouble free months totally forgot all about it. One of my team then realised that she had lost a whole file of client reports and had not seen them for months. I called Sequre and to our relief they were able to find and restore the missing file within the day.

“It is not until something goes wrong that you wish you had a backup service, thankfully I was given sound advice otherwise we would have been high and dry! Don't delay, backup with SeQureData today.”

Westmeria Ltd