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SeQureData Offsite Data Backup

Safe, secure & reliable offsite data backup, storage & recovery services for
servers, PCs & Mac computers & laptops.

Data Backup Software 14-Day Free Trial

Sign up today for a 14-day free trial of our data backup & recovery software.

About Our Data Backup Software Service

Our backup software is designed for intelligence & efficiency, giving you the
highest quality of data backup service.

Data Recovery Testimonials

Looking for data recovery services? Read what our satisfied clients had to say about our data backup & retrieval service.

Online Backup Prices

Online backup at competitive prices for servers, PCs & Macs. Check out our
prices for online data backup & recovery.

Test Your Data Security

Does your business have good data security, or is your information vulnerable? Test the security of your IT systems today.

Data Storage Clients

We provide safe, secure & efficient data storage & recovery facilities to business clients in a variety of industry sectors.

Contact Us for Backing up & Storage

The backing up & storage of your business' computer data is essential. We keep your information safely & securely stored.

Data Storage FAQ

Data storage services for all computers, including laptops, desktop PCs, Mac computers & notebooks & network servers.

Server Backup Service

Our highly secure server backup service gives you piece of mind in the event of loss of data from your network server.

Features for Online Storage for Servers

Our online storage service ensures that the data on your server is securely
backed up & can be restored quickly & easily.

How Our Server Backup Software Works

SeQureData's server backup server gives you secure online access to an up-to-date offsite backup of your server data.

Backup Data for Server Prices

Backup data from your server & store offsite with SeQureData to avoid losing crucial information in the event of a disaster.

Mac Backup

Mac backup services for all types of Mac desktop computer or laptop. Keep your Mac data safely backed up & secure.

Mac Computer & Laptop Backups

Daily desktop computer & laptop backups for Mac with offsite data storage to keep all of your data safe & secure.

How Backup Software for Mac Works

SeQureData backup software for Mac machines is intelligent, efficient & reliable. Make sure your information is kept safe.

Mac Backup Prices

We make the recovery of data from a Mac computer or notebook easy, with a secure online data backup & recovery service.

PC Backup

PC backup services that help you get your data back should disaster strikes. Secure offsite data storage you can access online.

Laptop & Desktop Computer Backup

Computer backup services for desktop PCs and laptops. Make sure all of your vital information is kept safely backed up.

How Our PC & Laptop Backup Software Works

Find out how our intelligent PC & laptop backup software can help you keep your computer data safe from loss or damage.

PC & Network Support

PC & Network Support provides a cost effective means of keeping your PC, network, and data safe.

Data Loss Facts

Facts and statistics showing you just how badly data loss could affect you and your business.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the SeQureData website.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of the SeQureData website.

SeQureData Remote Backups | Sitemap

Sitemap of the SeQureData remote backups website.

SeQureData News

The latest news and updates from SeQureData's offsite data backup team.

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