Server Backup Software

Network servers contain vast amounts of data that are vital to the running of your business. If anything happened to cause your server to break down, this data could be lost forever - which would be disastrous for your business. Our server backup software helps you prevent such a disaster.

How Our Server Backup Software Works

SeQureData uses Attix5 server backup software to provide a file-based backup for your corporate data that is stored on servers and databases. SeQureData's server backup software also includes support for open files, and uses SnapShot technology to transfer large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. The server backup software also allows you to monitor and maintain across platforms, sites, and locations from a single point of control.

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With SeQureData server backup software, your data is protected every step of the way. Our server backup system incorporates the leading security technology, protecting your sensitive data using 448-bit encryption and SSL communications to transfer your data to and from our data centres safely and securely.

Secure & Reliable Server Backup Software

The Attix5 Platform lets you manage and monitor your entire server backup and storage process, giving you the ability to remotely manage any backup client in your environment. While SeQureData server backup software automates all back-end functions, you retain complete control of your backup operation by creating business rules and backup policies, checking status, and initiating restore requests. Backup professional retrieval technology permits you to select restore operations from a catalogue of all archived file versions.

How Does Our Server Backup Software Compare With Tape Backup?

Consider the many factors involved in a traditional tape backup system:

  • Data capture
  • Transport of tapes to an off-site facility
  • Storage in a secure facility
  • Accurate recovery from tapes
  • Hardware and software costs
  • Replacement of old tapes
  • Ongoing maintenance.

All of these factors cost your business time and money. SeQureData's server backup software eliminates much of the time and materials that tape backups require, making it a much more convenient and cost-effective way of backing up your important server data.

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  • “The service received was absolutely outstanding. The system is truly the best we have ever used, a true guardian angel. You have saved us days of manpower, thanks again to you all”
  • Luis Labaton
  • Pay Day Money
  • “I learned the hard way that online backup is absolutely critical. offers a simple and sensible way to maintain your file integrity and business intelligence”
  • Mark Broughton
  • Marontech Communications