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Protect Your Information with Offsite Data Backup

Loss of data from your computer could be disastrous. Losing sensitive and important information could cost your business dearly, and personal data such as photos and documents could be lost forever if not duplicated elsewhere.

SeQureData’s offsite data backup ensures that such vital information is stored safely and securely offsite, enabling you to download it to any computer from wherever you are in the world. Your data is backed up daily, ensuring the data you retrieve is as up-to-date
as possible, vastly reducing the risk of important data becoming lost permanently.

Desktop computers, laptops and servers can all be backed up with SeQure’s offsite data backup
software, which supports both PCs and Mac computers.

Offsite Data Backup Options

There are 3 offsite data backup options available:

SeQure PC

Worried about losing precious files from your PC? If your PC or laptop should lose vital data, SeQure PC lets you retrieve it from any other machine, wherever you are.

SeQure Mac

Even Macs are susceptible to data loss. With SeQure Mac, the important data on your Mac computer is backed up on a daily basis, and you can access it securely online whenever you need it.

SeQure Server

It's crucial that the data on your server is backed up frequently and stored in a secure data centre, so that it can be quickly recovered in the event of a data loss crisis. SeQure Server ensures your server data is not permanently lost if disaster strikes.

SeQure Offsite Data Backup Prices

How Much Does SeQureData Offsite Data Backup Cost?

The cost of our offsite data backup service depends on your backup requirements and your IT setup. Our offsite data backup service is ideal for backup and storage from 2 to 50GB, with incremental options in between. SeQureData offsite data backup starts from as little as £2.99 per month.

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