SeQureData Online Backup Prices

Backing up your PC, Mac or server is easy and needn't cost a great deal. Our prices start at just £2.99 per month for the backup and offsite storage of up to 2GB of data.
When you compare the costs of data backup and offsite storage with the amount of money you or your business could lose if crucial data was destroyed or damaged, it's worth every penny.
Find out below what level of online backup protection your money can buy.

Online Backup Services Price List

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

PC & Mac Backup

Maximum Backup Capacity Price Per Month
2GB £2.99
4GB £4.70
6GB £6.24
8GB £7.75
10GB £9.25
15GB £12.98
20GB £16.50
40GB £29.50
50GB £34.99

Server Backup

Server backup prices start from £60 per month + VAT.

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