PC Backup Service

Think of all the data and files you have on your PC desktop or laptop. If anything was to go wrong with your computer, or it was lost or stolen, most of this information could be lost forever.

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PC Backup for Secure Data Retrieval

But if your data has been securely backed up and stored in a safe place, you can rest easy. Our PC backup service gives you that peace of mind. SeQureData PC backup software takes a daily copy of the data from your PC and laptop. It is then stored securely in an offsite data centre, allowing you to retrieve it whenever necessary.

We use smart PC backup software, which only backs up data which has been changed or added since the previous backup. This makes our PC backup service more efficient and less time-consuming than other data backup and recovery services. You can access your data securely from any other computer, using an encryption key that is only available to you. Learn more about how our PC backup service works.

Affordable PC Backup Service

Our PC backup service doesn't cost the earth. Just have a look at our PC backup price list to see just how low our prices start from. Compared with the cost of replacing your lost data, we think you'll agree that SeQureData PC backup is great value for money.


  • “The service received was absolutely outstanding. The system is truly the best we have ever used, a true guardian angel. You have saved us days of manpower, thanks again to you all”
  • Luis Labaton
  • Pay Day Money
  • “I learned the hard way that online backup is absolutely critical. SeQureData.com offers a simple and sensible way to maintain your file integrity and business intelligence”
  • Mark Broughton
  • Marontech Communications