PC Desktop & Laptop Backups

SeQureData PC and laptop computer backups have a number of features which set them apart from other backup services.

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PC Desktop & Laptop Backup Features

  • Attix5 Backup Professional uses a combination of Blowfish encryption and SSL secure data transmission to ensure the safety of your data
  • Client/server structure securely replicates data from client device to a central data server
  • Data is compressed to minimise bandwidth use
  • Data is stored in an encrypted format, using an encryption key known only to you
  • Automatic backup can be scheduled to run at a specific time each day, so that backup occurs daily without you having to do anything else
  • Individual files or folders can be selected for backup to reduce time and memory use
  • Filters allow you to automate the selection of particular file types from a specific folder and its subfolders
  • The Email Notification plug-in enables you to receive email notifications on backup activity.

System Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Home (at least Service Pack 2).
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.
Microsoft Windows Vista (with administrative privileges).


Required: Pentium processor.
Recommended: Pentium III-500Mhz for more than 500 documents.


Memory requirements mainly depend on the amount of files selected for backup.
Required: 128MB RAM above operating system and application requirements.
Recommended: 256MB RAM above operating system and application requirements.

Disk Space

Required: 50MB plus space for local cache.
Recommended: Amount of free space equal to the backup account limit. The local cache can be as large as the total size of all files selected for backup; a file selection of 100MB needs up to 100MB extra disk space for the cache.

Minimum Video Settings

800 x 600 Resolution, 256 colours.

Other Hardware

Network interface card or a virtual network adapter card.
CD-ROM drive or Internet access to download and install the software.

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  • “The service received was absolutely outstanding. The system is truly the best we have ever used, a true guardian angel. You have saved us days of manpower, thanks again to you all”
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  • “I learned the hard way that online backup is absolutely critical. SeQureData.com offers a simple and sensible way to maintain your file integrity and business intelligence”
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