Facts About Data Loss

Over 83% of businesses still use vulnerable tapes or disks
Your system hard drive could fail at any moment
Human error can cause loss of data
Fire, flooding, or other disasters could destroy your hardware and data
Our backup service is easy, fast, and secure.

SeQureData store all your data securely within the UK. Your data is backed up automatically every day and you can access your backed-up data from any location.

Did You Know?

The consequences of this can be severe:

What is more, the law insists that businesses take care:
You must safeguard your own or anyone else's data, by appropriate precautions against loss, corruption or unauthorized disclosure” - Data Protection Act 1998

Did you know?

In 2007 over 5,000 people left laptops (and other PDAs) in London taxis - many containing highly sensitive business data, much of which was irreplaceable. If
this was to happen to one of your machines, could you replace such data? Make sure you backup your files with SeQureData, before it's too late.

Most laptop users do not think about data loss until a hard drive failure or virus infection strikes. Both of these can and do happen without any warning.

By backing up your files with SeQureData you can avoid the repercussions of
such failures. Even if you leave your laptop somewhere and it gets into the wrong hands, or if is stolen, you can still get restore that vital data to any PC or laptop (including Macs) provided you have Internet access.

Consider this:

You have an important business meeting with a client. You have your slick presentation, company information, statistics and the offer that will clinch that
deal you have been working on over the last couple of months. This is your one
and only opportunity.

It's a 3-hour train journey, so you have time to run through your presentation to make sure everything is just right for the big meeting. Settle in to your seat, open your laptop, switch it on - wait and then nothing - frantic pushing of keys follows. Reboot your laptop - Nothing!

Your hard drive just crashed.

What would you do?

What you should do ...

Sign up to a backup account for your laptop with SeQureData so you can backup your laptop files. Once you have opened your account and followed the on screen instructions to create your first backup and set your daily backup time, the whole process is totally automatic as long as you are connected to the Internet.

So if your hard drive fails you can ...

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