About SeQureData Support and Backup

SeQureData is part of the multi million pound SQ Computer Personnel Group, providing IT solutions and services to businesses for over 20 years.

PC & Network Support & Data Backup's are imperative to the survival of today's modern businesses, and with SequreData you can be provided with a high quality services at extremely competative prices.

Backup Software that Won't Let You Down


Servers, desktop PCs and laptops need to be backed up regularly, but often this does not happen - and we have known of instances where data has never been backed up.

With SeQureData's online data backup software and disaster recovery service,
you can remove the worry of losing data through computer theft, human error, software or hardware device failure, or unreadable or broken tapes. The carriage and storage of your data to safe and secure offsite locations, and recovery from data backup tapes costs a lot of time and money. With our data backup software service, this will all become a distant memory.

The backup software for PCs and Macs can be downloaded instantly by you. To install the server application, we will need to access your server. In most cases this can be done remotely. Once installation is complete, your data will be encrypted at source, ensuring the utmost safety and security when it is sent via the Internet.

Intelligent Data Backup Software

You dictate what is backed up and when. Data backups can even be carried out when your business is closed provided your system is online.

With our data backup software, lost files can be quickly and easily restored to the original server, desktop PC or laptop, or to a replacement machine anywhere in the world using your exclusive encryption code. Imagine - no more worries about secure offsite tape storage, in fact no more tapes!